Server / Network Monitoring

Rates start at $99 per month per server

For companies required for GMP, SOX or FDA compliance, PS Adams offers server / network monitoring. You will be notified for any interruption in server continuity. It is especially important if your building or equipment services require consistent uptime to be compliant.

Monitoring Details

  • Devices and Services

  • We support monitoring of a wide range of network devices and services, including Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Web servers, Printers and copiers, Routers, Exchange servers, Firewalls, and virtually every other IP-enabled device.

  • Automatic Asset Discovery

  • We can automatically discover devices running on your network within a specified IP range, allowing you to quickly build an inventory of devices to monitor. You can then globally add services to these devices and apply monitoring templates to reduce deployment.

  • Accurate Device Status

  • Most other network monitoring platforms offer only two states for a monitored device: Normal or Failed. Using customizable thresholds, we offer seven device status levels that allow you to proactively respond to problems before a device fails.



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